John Legere’s T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 event teaser is so John Legere

It’s that time of year again: T-Mobile CEO John Legere is prepping for another Uncarrier event, this year with the date set on June 6.

Alongside the announcement, T-Mobile released a short teaser video for Uncarrier 11, featuring Legere working out, knocking down Red Bulls, and practicing his cuss words. Classic Legere, of course.


The ad doesn’t tease much about what’s coming, however. At last year’s Uncarrier event, T-Mobile launched its Binge On video streaming service. The journey after the launch wasn’t exactly smooth; along the way, the company lost a partner after Legere pissed off the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and it took months for YouTube to finally get on board with the program.

We’ll see what T-Mobile has this time around when the event kicks off on Monday. You can catch the livestream here.

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