5 kick-ass European startups just in time for Europe Day

5 kick-ass European startups just in time for Europe Day
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Happy Europe Day, the commemoration of Schuman’s 1950 speech declaring the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which we all know and love as the European Union. Well, maybe not all of us love it… yes, we’re looking at you, UK. 

But it’s a day to celebrate peace and unity in Europe, to teach people about the EU, and for potential members to speak out in support of European integration.

What better way to learn about Europe than to highlight its startup culture?

Let’s be honest, in recent years, European countries have not always been the most popular for their entrepreneurial spirit. The good news is that mentalities are a-changing.

The EU actively supports the creation of startups through economic plans such as the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. Europe’s startup scene is fast-growing with Denmark and France featured in the top four countries for startup incubation programs and the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands offer some of the world’s best startup visas.

In our effort to highlight the best startups from the Index.co community, here are five fast-growing and awesome European startups specializing in tourism, food, and entertainment.


Meet the Airbnb of boats.

This Dutch startup acts as a matchmaker between owners who want to rent out their boats and those who want to cruise on them. Tubbber is responsible for all the technical stuff such as secure payments and insurance.

Choose your destination, pick your boat, and enjoy your cruise.


This Paris-based community platform is taking residence hosting to the next level.

Gamping lets you “offer your land” by renting out your garden to campers. Look through their thousands of listings, find a fun destination, and set up your tent in a local’s garden.


What happens when passionate cyclists create a community platform for passionate cyclists?

Bikemap, aka the largest cycle route collection, with 2.8 million bike paths in over 80 countries.

This Austrian-based startup allows you to share your favorite bike routes with the community, discover cities on your bike, and connect your routes on all your devices (computer, phone, and GPS).


Traveling to a new city and feel like enjoying a 100 percent local dining experience? Or have you exhausted all the restaurant options in your city?

In either case, PlateCulture is your solution.

This Lithuanian startup offers a cool alternative by connecting the best foodies in your city with people who love authentic home cooked meals.

Love Home Swap

Based in one of Europe’s largest tech startup hubs, London, Love Home Swap gives you the opportunity to live out your version of the The Holiday.

Find a home you like, message the owner, exchange each other’s homes for a fun vacation, and let this platform take care of all the boring technical issues. Dating the other homeowner’s brother is your call.


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