You’ll need to dish out $1.5 million to play Rock Band 4 on PC

You’ll need to dish out $1.5 million to play Rock Band 4 on PC

Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band, might be one of the biggest independent game studios in the world but they still need a little help getting their game onto PC for the first time.

The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking to raise $1.5 million by April 5 to create a suped-up version of its Rock Band 4 game for PC.

The company promises that the PC version will offer more than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One editions and will support a mouse and keyboard, rather than a plastic guitar replica. No need to panic, it will still support the guitar, mic and electronic drum kit if you already have them.

The most appealing feature will undoubtedly be the integration with Steam’s digital distribution platform to allow users upload and sell their own music through the game.

Harmonix previously offered this feature through its Rock Band Network, which required a paid membership and involved a stringent review process. Upholding the infrastructure proved too much for the indie studio at the time and it shuttered Rock Band Network in 2014.

By taking advantage of Steam’s existing infrastructure, Harmonix has a better chance of the feature succeeding this time around.

Users will still need to submit their tracks to Harmonix via the Steam Workshop so they can make sure it plays properly and isn’t copyrighted material but the company says this process will be “quick.”

If you’re excited by the prospect of rocking out on your PC, or in the office perhaps, you will need to pledge a minimum of $49, which will get you early access and 30 additional songs, as well as future discounted add-ons. You’ll also nab a copy of Harmonix’s other PC game, A City Sleeps, and its accompanying soundtrack.

A pledge of $99 will get you all of the above and a ‘Limited Edition Rock Band Swag Pack.’ If you’re willing to pay $150, you can get your name on the game’s official credits, access to the developers’ chat and a Rock Band 4 t-shirt.

The campaign has already raised $175,000 but it has another month to hit its target before becoming a reality.

➤ Rock Band 4 for PC + Rock Band Network [Harmonix]

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