YouTube now lets you blur any part of your video for maximum anonymity

YouTube now lets you blur any part of your video for maximum anonymity

For creators, reshooting a scene for the tiniest bloopers is one of the more annoying (and cost-consuming) aspects of filming. Today, YouTube wants to help fix that by letting you blur any part of the video before it makes it to the public Web.

The concept isn’t entirely new – in 2012, YouTube launched a face blurring tool to help anonymize people in videos. With today’s update, users can blur out any section of the video – be it unwanted license plates, visible phone numbers, wardrobe malfunctions, disturbing imagery, or the like.


The tool lets you draw a box on top of the part of the video you wish to blur, and it can even track and follow the object as it moves throughout the footage. You can also choose when the blurring begins and ends, or change the size of the blur box as the video progresses.

The update is available today on the desktop version of YouTube. Mobile support should follow soon.


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