Flash had more than 300 bugs reported in 2015 alone

Flash had more than 300 bugs reported in 2015 alone
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Flash has long been known as the bane of the Web because of its performance issues and security flaws. Even with less than a week to go before the year is out, another vulnerability has been discovered and thankfully, patched.

As with several other Flash gaffes, Adobe noted that the flaw could potentially allow a hacker to take control of a system and was exploited in ‘limited, targeted attacks’.

That brings the count to 316 Flash Player bugs for 2015 alone, or six bugs a week.

The Web has been calling for Flash’s head to roll all year: a security firm was discovered exploiting flaws in the software to access victims’ computers. Mozilla disabled the plugin in Firefox, Facebook’s chief of security said it needs to go, Google removed support for it in its ads and Adobe ditched the ‘Flash’ name for the latest version of its animation tool.

You’ll want to ditch Flash as we start the new year. Learn how to uninstall it or at the very least, set it to only run when you need it in your browser.

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