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This article was published on July 13, 2015

Facebook’s head of security wants Flash to die

Facebook’s head of security wants Flash to die

Flash is the knotweed of the internet, an infestation crawling with bugs and full of unsightly holes.

But despite Apple’s best attempts to rip it out by the roots by denying it a home in iOS’ walled garden, and the flowering of HTML5, it’s still not going away.

Facebook’s newly appointed Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos has taken to Twitter to call for more rapid moves to force Flash’s extinction.

While Facebook itself still has to rely on Flash for much of its video content, it uses HTML5 on modern browsers that support it. Google, meanwhile, already automatically converts Flash ads into HMTL5.

Stamos’ argument is that Flash will not be killed for good without a definite ‘end of life’ date. I agree, until then there’s no impetus for developers to rebuild their code to no longer rely on it.

As for Adobe, it is heavily involved in making software for creating things with new standards. Flash is not its future, it’s a pain in the ass.

Alex Stamos [Twitter]

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