Google Play now has country-sensitive age ratings, introduces human app review process

Google Play now has country-sensitive age ratings, introduces human app review process

Google is today introducing an update that’s sure to make some parents happy: age ratings.

After answering some questions -such as whether their app contains nudity or curse words – developers receive an automated rating that allows them to avoid too much red tape . That said, the ratings will be monitored to try to weed out incorrect ones after they are submitted.

The ratings will be adjusted based on local standards around the world – an app might be okay for children in one Europe, but not in the US, for instance.

In North America, ratings are based off of the ESRB standards that are usually seen on games (though they apply to non-game apps as well). In Europe, PEGI is used, and so on. Regions without an established ratings authority will receive a generic age rating.


The change complements the introduction of YouTube Kids in allowing parents more control over what children can see on their devices. It’s only sensible given the plethora of content on Google Play that’s previously been unregulated; the store didn’t even feature ratings for games before.

Developers with managing already-released apps can complete the new rating questionnaire through the Android Developer Console.

Aside from the rating system, Google says it’s also began including an app review team composed of actual human beings as of several months ago. The experts identify violations to the company’s developer policies.

The team approves apps within hours after submission. In fact, Google says there’s been no change in approval speed since it introduced a human touch to the submission process. The company is also rolling more detailed information on app publishing statuses, giving developers more insight into why their apps may not be published right away.

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