Nacho Time is Popcorn Time for your browser and it’s already in trouble

Nacho Time is Popcorn Time for your browser and it’s already in trouble

Let’s say you own all the movies you’ve been watching via movie torrenting streamer Popcorn Time. Or maybe you live in a country where the copyright laws are pretty lax when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies without the express consent of the copyright holder. While the legality of the service is, at best, shaky, there’s no denying that the desktop and mobile apps are impressive.

But, now there’s a new movie streaming challenger and this one doesn’t even require an app. Nacho Time (mmm, nachos!), does the same thing as Popcorn Time (skirt the law and allow you watch pirated movies), but it does it in a browser.

So if you have a Chromebook or don’t feel comfortable downloading an app that helps violate all sorts of copyright laws, Nacho Time is the answer.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately if you’re a big Hollywood studio) the site is currently offline. It looks like BREIN (A Dutch association that polices and pulls down sites like Nacho Time)  had the site removed.

Of course, like Popcorn Time and The Pirate Bay before it, we expect Nacho Time to reappear because people love watching movies for free.

Nacho Time

Image via: News Monkey

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