Bitcasa launches Developer Program and releases Secure Storage API in beta, general availability in Q1 2014

Bitcasa launches Developer Program and releases Secure Storage API in beta, general availability in Q1 ...

With more than 35 petabytes of user files now stored in its service, cloud storage startup Bitcasa today launched its Developer Program and released the Bitcasa Secure Storage API. The API lets developers organize, share, and stream users’ digital content by giving mobile and desktop apps a device-independent storage layer.

Bitcasa says the Secure Storage API will initially be available in open beta form. While it wouldn’t provide an exact date, the company did say it expects general availability in Q1 2014.

Here are the API’s key features:

  • Storage – A secure and device-independent storage layer that focuses on organizing, sharing, and discovering personal content across all devices.
  • Security – Designed using encrypted block-based storage with AES-256 encryption, Bitcasa ensures complete user privacy.
  • Access & Sharing – Any uploaded content is immediately available on all devices without syncing. Upload once, then access and share instantly.
  • Instant Streaming – Optimized for media streaming, Bitcasa allows any content to be streamed without having to download first. A familiar file and folder organization allows content to be streamed in their native format.
  • Availability – SDKs will be available for Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and .NET.

Three of Bitcasa’s partners, including Plex, Kloudless, and Otixo have already begun leveraging Bitcasa’s new API. Now other companies can also take advantage to build new features into their Web, desktop, and mobile apps designed from productivity to media streaming, according to the cloud storage startup.

“We want to make storage simple again in a multi-device world,” Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich said in a statement. “We’re excited to see how developers will leverage our pervasive storage platform to backup, sync, stream, and share content, regardless of device or platform.”

How exactly Bitcasa will convince developers to use its API was not made clear. The company is facing increased competition in a space filling up with everything from nimble startups to tech behemoths.

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Top Image Credit: Sachin Ghodke

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