Already powering 50k sites, Webydo launches its ‘code-free’ website making service in beta

Already powering 50k sites, Webydo launches its ‘code-free’ website making service in beta ...

Webydo, a cloud-based service that helps create what it calls code-free websites, is launching in beta. Announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the platform, which has helped to develop 50,000 sites since it was first made available in a “closed beta testing phase”, is billed as the “first open canvas for professionals”.

Building a website has often required an individual or a group of people to have the skill sets that fit the nature of a designer and developer. Webydo seeks to change the paradigm and puts it in the hands of the creative people. This cloud-based WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor, site builders can create business websites without needing to enter in one line of code.


Some of the notable features of Webydo includes the ability for it to design a site using professional web design software. Users can click on an icon when in the administrative view to make changes to things like an element’s location, fonts and topography, backgrounds, image optimization, guidelines, and more — all without needing to log in and look at the HTML code.

The service utilizes drag and drop functionality to help create the site. Images, videos, forms, links, and more can be inserted. The final result is that Webydo claims that the website will be cross-browser and cross-platform compatible that is “updated to the latest Web standards” so that it will look exactly the same no matter who sees it on what device.

While Webydo makes it visually simple to create a Website, creating a site without needing to code is not 100 percent feasible. After all, it’s most likely that sooner than later, some HTML or Javascript will need to be inserted in order to scale it. However, for the basic or elementary needs of a company, Webydo could make it possible.

Webydo offers its service using a freemium system. Anyone can sign up for free, but they are limited to a site of no more than 15 pages, 1 GB of storage, and it must reside under Webydo’s domain. From $7.90 per month to as high as $15.90 per month, users can pay for more pages, storage, and use of their own domain.

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