Quora users can now share contributions on LinkedIn, post answers directly to their profiles

Quora users can now share contributions on LinkedIn, post answers directly to their profiles

Question-and-answer social network Quora announced a new feature that will allow users to share their contributions directly to their LinkedIn profiles. In doing so, the company is hoping that it will bolster a user’s knowledge and expertise prominence so that it can help aid in any potential job search that is going on.

The type of questions that are on Quora are quite diverse with many users who choose to share their insights with the world when it comes to specific topics. People may find it interesting to know that by sharing their contributions to LinkedIn, it expands their reach and could potentially catch the eye of a future client, employer, thought-leader, or colleague who could find worth in that, thereby raising their prominence.

Richard Henry, a designer at Quora, made the announcement about the service’s LinkedIn integration today. He said there have been many people who have shared stories about receiving job offers and “other great professional opportunities” resulting from answers that they’ve given on the site. We agree with Henry in that by answering relevant questions on Quora, it showcases the user’s understanding, knowledge, and experience.

In order to share your answers on LinkedIn, just go to the settings page and link your Quora account with your LinkedIn one.

This is the latest launch containing new features that has come from Quora in several weeks — most recently, the site updated its iPhone application, and days prior to that, unveiled a real-time answer service called Online Now. It is definitely focused on bringing in more user contributions to create a well-rounded library of information, while also showcasing experts.

LinkedIn new profile screenshot

Henry says that this new feature is timed with the recent launch of LinkedIn’s new profile design, which is still making its way to the service’s 187 million users. As the new design allows users to post their contributions directly onto their profiles, now contributions from Quora can be included. For those who are interested in networking with thought leaders, subject-matter experts, influencers, etc, reviewing their responses to thing like “How will web profiles grow Instagram?” or “How to effectively pitch investors?” can be really helpful.

Certainly one of the things that Quora will have to compete with is LinkedIn’s very own Q&A service: LinkedIn Answers. It offers pretty much the same type of platform, but with a bit less social sharing features included. And while all topics are business-focused, you will not see much diversity in questions on LinkedIn Answers like you do with Quora.

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