LinkedIn launches redesigned profiles to help you engage and connect with your network better

Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner speaks

LinkedIn has just announced that they are rolling out redesigned profile pages that will enable users to better engage and connect with their network.  These updates are designed to simplify the profile page and help you find more relevant information about your professional colleagues. These new profiles are being rolled out starting today.

LinkedIn new profile design

Aaron Bronzan, Product Manager at LinkedIn, took the stage to give people a sneak peek at what the new profiles is going to look like. This new design centers around three core ideals: enabling simplified editing, building relationships, and offering rich insights.

To get the new profile design, LinkedIn went ahead and rebuilt the profile-editing process from the ground up. Now, you’re going to be shown options to add sections that are relevant to your profession: projects, languages, test scores, courses, etc. Your profile will also include a visualization of how complete your profile is and features a breakdown of your network, broken down from company, school, location, and industry — something that will help you better understand your network’s reach.

The new LinkedIn meets the company’s three core tenants: simplify, grow, everyday. Basically the new profile pages will help you to easily find the information you want about you or your peers while also enabling you to share your content and virally to your professional community. And the new profiles will help you engage with your followers even when you’re not actively using the site.

If you look at the profile page of one of your connections, you’ll be able to gleam insights from it so you can better understand the relationship you have between the two of you. This allows you to compare and contract one another and find out how you can both help each other and will also share what you have in common.

To promote further engagement with a user’s network, LinkedIn has now posted your recent activity to the top all profiles, allowing you to stay current with what’s going on within your connections.

The launch of these profile pages is the newest development in this booming company. Deep Nishar, LinkedIn’s SVP of Product & User Experience, said that there are over 175,000 new profiles being created each day with 3 billion profiles searched on the network as of last month. Moreover, 25 million profiles are viewed each day — so the potential for creating a more useful and logical presence for its members was enormous.

If you want to be one of the first few to take a look at the new Profile, LinkedIn is accepting sign ups here to be a part of this experience. However, these profile pages will be rolled out over the next few months, according to the company.

You can watch the livestream here.

Here’s an image of the new profile page on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn new profile 2.0 screenshot

This is developing. Please refresh for updates.

Image credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

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