Jobscience buys social profile syncing tool Atomkeep (and shuts it down)

Jobscience buys social profile syncing tool Atomkeep (and shuts it down)

Jobscience, a company that offers recruitment and talent management solutions designed for ‘social’ businesses’, this morning announced its acquisition of Atomkeep. Founded in 2008, Atomkeep allowed users to keep profile info in sync at all times, across a wide range of social networking sites and apps.

On its website, Atomkeep says it will cease its operations and service, effective immediately, but says it is working on a relaunch of its social identity service.

Jobscience says it acquired Atomkeep to give its users a ‘streamlined way to validate and control their social identity across multiple sites’. Said Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott:

“It has become common practice for employers and colleges to request access to social media sites and use the information to screen applicants. Job seekers need to control their social identity and validate what they are willing to share with employers.”

Atomkeep helps users manage and sync information that appears on a variety of social networks and website, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Monster, Yelp and YouTube.

It was started by Alexey Prohorenko, who is now keeping busy as co-founder of mobile apps and games maker Caffeinated.

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