Atomkeep merges all your profiles into one good-looking page

Atomkeep merges all your profiles into one good-looking page

WebTipr David Petherick from the UK is working in the online reputation management business, so I always trust him when it comes to tips about this sector. His last one: Atomkeep. This service merges a large number of services into one profile. Just add them by giving your login credentials – using the clean and good-looking Ajax interface.


One slick profile page

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The result is interesting, since Atomkeep allows you to merge fields from – for example – LinkedIn and Facebook which leads to surprising combinations like quotes and groups. Thus sending a link to your Atomkeep page might come in handy when somebody wants to know you better, since it combines professional and personal information in a stylish way.


No automatic syncing

Although Atomkeep almost seamlessly integrates these profiles – I only found error: it recognized Amsterdam as a country (?) -, you’ll have to manually sync the services once in a while. Automatic syncing isn’t available (yet). It gets worse, because when you press the big green sync button, you’ll have to fill in all the passwords again – due to safety restrictions. I hope they’ll come up with an option to store passwords in an encrypted way.

There’s a badge too

Of course Atomkeep has an embeddable piece of content too – as no online reputation management tool can’t live without that -, forcing itself to enter the battle field of British start-ups IDlasso and Retaggr (read review here). Although all tree services have certain USP’s – e.g. Retaggr offers blog comments integration -, I don’t see people using more than one. Taking this in account, I give Atomkeep a high chance of becoming a successful service. For one simple reason: the service looks pretty damn good. The clean lay-out immediately gives Atomkeep a professional look and thus a sense of trustworthiness.

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