PayPal partners with DocuSign to help businesses collect signatures for online payments

PayPal partners with DocuSign to help businesses collect signatures for online payments

eBay-owned online payment giant PayPal has announced today that it has teamed up with DocuSign to provide a way for business users and individuals to electronically sign their PayPal payments and see them processed immediately.

The partnership will see DocuSign’s Payment platform — which helps companies get signatures on contracts, agreements, and other legally binding documents — outfitted with a new PayPal payment option, adding the online payment service to its existing debit and credit card platform.

DocuSign says that its Payment tool will now process “transactions within seconds via PayPal so businesses can capture revenue and begin product and service delivery sooner,” whilst allowing them to “sign documents and pay from any browser or mobile device making every kind of business transaction faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.”

Payment processing with PayPal is easily set up using DocuSign’s web interface or by calling upon its standards-based API. Users select the “Enable Payment Processing” feature in their DocuSign account and specify the PayPal account they wish to collect the payments.

“PayPal’s integration with DocuSign helps accelerate transactions,” said Eddie Davis, senior director of North America Partnerships at PayPal. “We are excited to be the first payment processor to work with DocuSign to make transactions completely digital, so they’re simple, fast, and secure.”

DocuSign’s Payment system will be incorporated into its DocuSign for Business and DocuSign for Enterprise editions later in April, extending the payment options to its users.

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