Square Plans to Replace Cash Registers and Wallets

Square Plans to Replace Cash Registers and Wallets

Today at Techcrunch Disrupt, Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced the Square Register app for the iPad. The new app will allow sellers to process all of their businesses transactions through the iPad. In addition, he introduced a payment system called the Square Card Case that will integrate with the Square Register.

Dorsey says that the Square Register app features ‘Google Analytics’ style data for all purchases made through the register. This will allow owners access to all of their sales statistics right from the register app or online interface. It will also allow purchases via the new Square Card Case as well as the Square Card Reader.

The Square Card Case features purchase history, payment options and live information downloaded from a businesses Square Register. This will allow consumers to see their entire purchase history with an individual business. The payment options will allow a buyer to walk up to a business using the Square Register in their store, open the Square Card Case app on the iPhone and tap on the tab button to open a payment option. Then the seller can simply charge the item to the person by tapping on a button on the register.

There are four main features of the Card Case app: Tabs, Directory, Menus and Receipts.

Tabs allows you to set up a payment option for your favorite places. This allows you to set up a payment with a single tap for businesses that you frequent. The Directory, which is filled with a location based index of Square Register users, allows you to find deals or businesses in your area that will take Square Card Case payments.

Menus, which are downloaded live from the Square Registers, all0w you to browse offerings at local businesses. Receipts stores receipts for all of your digital purchases made with the Card Case app.

Square is currently rolling out the Square Register to 50 merchants throughout the US in various major markets.

Dorsey mentioned during his presentation that Square has shipped 500,000 Square readers and processed 1 million transactions in May. Square should surpass a billion dollars of revenue processed through the app inside a year.

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