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This CoinMarketCap parody site tracks Bitcoin’s market cap, plus 99 shitcoins

Anything that isn't Bitcoin is a shitcoin

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The cryptocurrency market is a confusing place at the best of times. All that complicated technology and all those names of coins that aren’t Bitcoin. BTC There’s a lot to take in, but worry no more.

Meet CoinMarketCrap. A knock-off of, you guessed it, popular cryptocurrency market information site, CoinMarketCap. It appears the site launched earlier this year.

CoinMarketCrap neatly does away with all the posturing and gesticulating in the cryptocurrency market for a simpler approach. Where only two types of coin exist: Bitcoin and Shitcoins.

Clearly, whoever created the site is a fan of Bitcoin.

Rather than listing each cryptocurrency it only lists Bitcoin by name. The other 99 coins are named “Shitcoin,” followed by a number denoting the coin‘s respective rank in the shitcoin charts. Therefore, if a coin is not Bitcoin it must therefore be a shitcoin.

In pretty much every other sense CoinMarketCrap replicates much of the information to be found on the legitimate and less smutty CoinMarketCap. Looking at the numbers, “Shitcoin #1″ must be Ethereum, “Shitcoin #2” must be Ripple … I think you get the idea.

Honestly, there’s not much more to it than that.

We know that most of the figures displayed on these types of coin tracking website are best taken with a pinch (or spadeful) of salt, so in all cases, maybe it’s best we don’t take it too seriously.

But I quite like the elegance of referring to non-Bitcoin projects as numbered shitcoins.

Published September 16, 2019 — 12:48 UTC