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H&M subsidiary Arket is testing blockchain tracking with VeChain

H&M is hopping on the blockchain bandwagon

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H&M group in-house brand Arket has confirmed it is testing a new product integration powered by blockchain technology developer VeChain.

In an email to Hard Fork, an Arket spokesperson said the clothing store has been running a minor blockchain implementation to trace product data in a secure manner. The H&M subsidiary did not clarify how widely it is testing the solution – or in which locations.

Arket has done a small Proof of Concept (POC) through a pilot testing with VeChain to use blockchain technology to secure product data traceability in the value chain,” the spokesperson told Hard Fork. “The test was made on a wool beanie from the autumn 2018 collection.”

Rumors of a possible collaboration between the H&M-owned brand and VeChain first began circulating after cryptocurrency enthusiasts took to Reddit and Twitter to share videos of users trying out the blockchain-powered implementation at Arket locations in London.

In the footage, you can see the users scanning an Arket item with VeChain Pro – an app that helps customers find more detailed information about a product.

It is worth pointing out that Arket’s collaboration with VeChain is far from a done deal, and merely an experiment at this point.

“The test is ongoing and has not yet been evaluated,” Arket told Hard Fork.

Regardless of the outcome though, it’ll be interesting to see H&M’s perspective on the usefulness (or the uselessness) of using blockchain as a supply chain solution.

Published November 14, 2018 — 13:30 UTC