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Coinbase opens its listing process to everyone – and gets trolled mercilessly

Shitcoins, incoming

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Earlier this week, Coinbase launched a new page (basically a Google Form) so blockchain startups can apply to have their tokens listed on the cryptocurrency exchange. But it seems some people are not using the new page quite like Coinbase intended.

As some of us might have expected, the cryptocurrency community has taken the opportunity to send Coinbase a barrage of spoof coin-listing applications.

Some Twitter users believe that Coinbase have an incoming shill fest shit-storm heading their way. They’re probably right.

Here are some of our favorite gags:

Of course, the Twitterverse did not miss an opportunity to poke fun at some already established cryptocurrencies, like Ripple – no wait, XRP…

Coinbase could prove to be a valuable route to market for lesser known coins. If being well regulated gets a coin listed in more territories, it’s entirely likely that Coinbase’s new listing process will encourage coins to be appropriately regulated.

I wonder if Coinbase saw this coming? I hope it has some good inbox filters.

(Disclaimer: Please don’t send any more fake forms. It seems Coinbase has already received enough.)

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Published September 27, 2018 — 09:34 UTC