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Not even Scrabble can stop me telling my family about Bitcoin

What about Upwords?

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Not even Scrabble could resist the allure of Bitcoin BTC and cryptocurrency.

Responsible for many a family feud, the popular word-based board game has now added Bitcoin and botnet, among many others – the New York Times reports.

Yesterday, the Mirriam-Webster dictionary added 300 new words to its list of accepted words that can be played in Scrabble.

Other less ‘blockchainy’ words include: Emoji, sheeple, twerk, zomboid, and beatdown.

You know, I regularly sit around the dining room table with my family after a nice meal telling them about Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokens, and the like.

They hate me for it.

Now they can hate me even more, because I can do it while annihilating them at Scrabble too. Apparently, the word Bitcoin could score over 100 points if you use all seven tiles, and place it across double and triple word bonus’.

But come on, we have cryptocurrency emoji in Slack, we have Bitcoin iPhone glyphs, and now we have Bitcoin in Scrabble. Surely this is the mass adoption everyone has been talking about?

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Published September 25, 2018 — 08:14 UTC