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Coinbase, Polychain Capital, and others unite to form cryptocurrency lobbying group in DC

Representing the industry as one voice

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Cryptocurrency bigwigs are banding together to form a political lobbying consortium that will take on the industry’s hardest policy making issues directly from Washington DC.

The NGO, known as the Blockchain Association, is trying to become the go to lobbying organization on political and legal issues that challenge cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

In its first Medium blog post yesterday, the consortium stated it is aiming to deliver “a unified voice for the blockchain industry.”

The decisions they make now will affect the industry for years, so the Blockchain Association will be a liaison to policymakers: we’ll advocate for our community and the opportunities presented by our technologies, and encourage regulatory solutions that protect consumers and support innovation.

The group will include a host of industry representatives from cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain development startups, and specialist venture capital firms.

The likes of Coinbase, Circle, Protocol Labs, Digital Currency Group, and Polychain Capital are the inaugural members of this movement.

Published September 12, 2018 — 09:06 UTC