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Join the Hard Fork ICO: Buy tickets to TNW Conference and make a profit

The ICO – reimagined


Alongside our new media brand, we will also be shining the spotlight on blockchain and cryptocurrency at TNW Conference where some of the most influential figures in the space will discuss the future of these technologies.

To celebrate this, Hard Fork is launching its own ICO – but not quite like you might expect.

No, we are not rolling out our own token. Instead, we are putting a new spin on the initial crowd offering format and giving you a chance to invest in a TNW Conference ICO Pass.

Purchasing an ICO Pass will not only grant you full access to TNW Conference on May 24 and 25, but also a shot at some extra cash – without any of the risk.

Here is how it works: Whenever someone buys an ICO Pass, we will pool 50 percent of the proceeds and invest them into cryptocurrencies using social trading platform eToro. At the end of July, we will close all positions and share half of the profits with you, the investors.

The cool part is that anyone interested can follow the fluctuating price of our ICO Pass investment portfolio on eToro.

We will employ a hybrid investment strategy which will involve taking positions in several cryptocurrencies. To make this decision, we will rely on our new Da Vinci trading software powered by We will also hold polls with Hard Fork ICO investors to get your opinion on which coins we should invest in.

What if the investment brings a negative return? We’ve got you covered – that risk is entirely on us. We only share the profits.

The first 100 ICO Passes will be available at €595, but those late to the party will have a chance to grab one of the 500 remaining ICO Passes at €695.

Looking to claim your ICO Pass? Find out how to invest in the Hard Fork ICO here.

Even though blockchain and cryptocurrency might not be perfect yet, we’re exploring the possibilities at TNW Conference 2018. Check out the experts speaking at this year’s event here!

Published April 30, 2018 — 14:57 UTC