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What to expect

Visualize the crypto future

With the recent launch of our new media brand Hard Fork, we’re shining the spotlight on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The uncertainty surrounding it, however, leaves many of us fearing the outcome of its future - and what it means for our businesses.

With endless opportunities, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the power to revolutionize almost every industry. From banking to retail to ICOs, we’ll be discussing the ways that crypto will disrupt the financial sector as we know it.


Here's what we'll be exploring on the Hard Fork stage.
  • Centralized vs. decentralized

    Decentralized data opens doors for distribution and transparency. Hard Fork will debate the future of decentralization, and hear from experts about their visions on how we’ll store and transfer data.

  • Future of money

    With so many applications of crypto to our daily lives - from crypto ATMs to retail - the way we handle and exchange money will change. Hard Fork discusses how we will interact with money in the future.

  • Regulations and ethics

    Cryptocurrencies will soon be regulated, but what can we expect once that future has arrived? We’ll be taking a look at the applications of blockchain in a regulated environment, and the ethical implications.

  • Is it a bubble?

    The ups and downs of crypto have many on the edge of their seats lately: cash out or hold on? With so many uncertainties, Hard Fork’s speakers will share their opinions to help clear the fog.

  • ICO ins and outs

    Whether you’re launching or investing in an ICO, it’s important to hear from the experts on the ins and outs of initial coin offerings. At Hard Fork, we’ll be talking about starting an ICO, but also how to tell a scam from a legitimate project.

  • Banking on blockchain

    With the rise of cryptocurrencies, banks can no longer afford to ignore the financial revolution occurring at their doorstep. Will banks adopt blockchain, or will they find new ways to adapt to the future of money?

The Experts of Cryptocurrency

Here are the first names announced for Hard Fork. More to come soon!

Krista Koeleman

PwC Program Manager Digital Platform
Krista Koeleman

At TNW2018, I will definitely be following the Hard Fork track. For me, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn how to leverage this promising technology in a wide range of industries.


From marketing to music via marketplaces, Hard Fork is just one of 19 tracks of content designed to cater a huge range of different specialists.



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