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Until ICO ticket presale closes

How it works

Join the Hard Fork ICO

TNW has been at the forefront of reporting on blockchain and cryptocurrency for the best part of a decade – so we felt it was about time we made things more official by giving it a name. To celebrate the launch of our blockchain and crypto-only brand Hard Fork, we're introducing our very own ICO. No, we aren't launching a coin: this is an Initial Crowd Offering.

When you buy an ICO Pass for TNW Conference, we'll pool 50% of the proceeds and invest that into cryptocurrencies using the eToro platform. On July 31st all positions are closed and we'll split the profit with ICO ticket holders (50/50). What happens when the value of the portfolio has a negative return? Well, that risk is on TNW. Only upside, no downside.

Join the Hard Fork ICO (pre-sale)

Here's how it works

  • Buy ticket, get token

    Buy an ICO Full Conference Pass to TNW Conference, and we'll pool the proceeds into a fund for investing in cryptocurrencies

  • Risk-free trading

    We'll invest the proceeds from the ICO in crypto. We share the upside with you, but not the downside.

  • Reap the rewards

    On July 31st all positions are closed and we'll share 50% of the profit with ICO ticket holders.

Investment strategy

We're following an agressive, hybrid, multi-coin investment strategy. Trades will be made by:
- The investment board, consisting of crypto experts from TNW
- Da Vinci, our Index.co powered technology trading software. Machine learning and natural language processing turn content (articles, tweets, reddit posts) into actionable data.
- You, the Hard Fork ICO ticket holders. We'll hold polls and discuss the coins we should take a position in.

Trading in crypto is highly volatile and risky, so by definition it will be a risky profile. We’ll take positions in Bitcoin and altcoins using the eToro platform, where you'll also be able to follow the portfolio on a daily basis – as well as on Hard Fork.

We’ll make mistakes, we’ll make great trades. We’ll cry, laugh and hopefully open a bottle of champagne with you when it’s holiday time and we share the profits with you.

Note: You are buying a ticket to TNW conference, not an investment product. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to others.

Join the Hard Fork ICO (pre-sale)




Just 100 presale tickets are available. After all presale passes have sold, 500 passes will be available at €695
  • Full access to TNW Conference on May 24 & 25
  • Access to the Hard Fork track and 18 others
  • Accessing to networking and chat app
  • Access to exhibition floor
  • Make money from your conference pass
  • And a lot more...

Hard Fork and 19 other inspirational tracks

Join our cryptocurrency and blockchain track Hard Fork, as well as 19 others at TNW Conference. 

The Crypto Experts

Just some of the speakers joining us for Hard Fork at TNW Conference this year


Here's what we'll be exploring on the hard fork stage
  • Centralized vs. decentralized

    Decentralized data opens doors for distribution and transparency. Hard Fork will debate the future of decentralization, and hear from experts about their visions on how we’ll store and transfer data.

  • Future of money

    With so many applications of crypto to our daily lives - from crypto ATMs to retail - the way we handle and exchange money will change. Hard Fork discusses how we will interact with money in the future.

  • Regulations and ethics

    Cryptocurrencies will soon be regulated, but what can we expect once that future has arrived? We’ll be taking a look at the applications of blockchain in a regulated environment, and the ethical implications.

  • Is it a bubble?

    The ups and downs of crypto have many on the edge of their seats lately: cash out or hold on? With so many uncertainties, Hard Fork’s speakers will share their opinions to help clear the fog.

  • ICO ins and outs

    Whether you’re launching or investing in an ICO, it’s important to hear from the experts on the ins and outs of initial coin offerings. At Hard Fork, we’ll be talking about starting an ICO, but also how to tell a scam from a legitimate project.

  • Banking on blockchain

    With the rise of cryptocurrencies, banks can no longer afford to ignore the financial revolution occurring at their doorstep. Will banks adopt blockchain, or will they find new ways to adapt to the future of money?

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