Google Glass frames and shades designed by Diane von Furstenberg are now available in the US

Google Glass frames and shades designed by Diane von Furstenberg are now available in the US

As promised, a new range of Google Glass frames and shades designed by Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) launched in the US today.

If you head over to online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, you can choose between five different frame combinations for $1,800. They’re all the same shape, but come in five different colors – Shiny Elderberry, Shiny Lagoon, Matte Java, Matte Ice and Shiny Ink – for a splash of style and personality.

While the asking price might feel a little steep, it should be noted that each purchase comes with two frames. Net-a-Porter is bundling each model with a free set of shades; these attach to (what appears to be) the original Google Glass Explorer Edition frames, rather than those designed by DVF.

So to summarise, you’ll get the Google Glass module, a stylish frame designed by DVF, a set of custom shades for the original Explorer frame, a mono earbud and case. In short, this adds one frame design in five different colors, and two shade variants in four colors each to the existing Glass portfolio.

The new range is also available to purchase from the Google Glass store. The DVF-designed frames are being sold for $225 without the Glass module – making it easier for existing Glass Explorers to upgrade. Likewise, the two shade options are being sold for $120 each. All of the color variants are available at the time of writing and orders will ship within 5–7 days.

It’s also worth noting that three frames from the Titanium collection – Thin, Bold and Split – are available for $1,650 on Mr Porter right now.

Should you buy a set? Perhaps. These limited-edition frames might not be around for long, so it’s a good chance to pick up a possibly rare piece of Google hardware. With the company’s I/O conference taking place later this week though, there’s a high chance we’ll see and hear more about Glass  – so just bear in the mind that in a few days, you might feel some buyer’s remorse.

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