YouTube updates its Creator Playbook to boost engaging content

YouTube updates its Creator Playbook to boost engaging content

YouTube has released the second version of its Creator Playbook, Google’s video platform announced today in a blog post written by its audience development strategist Ryan Nugent.

First released in July 2011, YouTube Creator Playbook includes tips, tricks and advice for content creators who upload videos on the platform.

While part of the changes simply reflect the fact that YouTube itself has evolved and introduced new features, it also includes several improvements.

Among the most interesting new sections, YouTube added a glossary that will help users get familiar with terms related to the platform, from ‘metadata’ to ‘vlog’.

As part of YouTube’s global push and international expansion of its Partner Program, the playbook now also includes advice on how to reach optimize content for viewers around the world.

On a higher level, the purpose of this Playbook is to give content creators the keys to make sure a wide audience will engage with their videos. After all, increasing the volume of high-quality channels is a central element of YouTube’s strategy for the upcoming months.

While YouTube makes it clear there are no set rules for good content, the presentation shares best practices from successful YouTubers, from MysteryGuitarMan to KnowYourMeme – and encourages everyone to emulate them.

Here’s the Playbook in its entirety:

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