Watch Super Mario Odyssey’s hour-long speedrun record edited to 33 minutes

Watch Super Mario Odyssey’s hour-long speedrun record edited to 33 minutes

If you’ve ever watched a record-setting videogame speedrun, it’s hard not to marvel at the skill involved.

Problem is, even the fastest speedruns ask you to commit a hefty chunk of time to watch in their entirety. Case in point: The Super Mario Odyssey record, held by NicroVeda stands at 1 hour, 3 minutes and 19 seconds. Impressive as that is, it still means you’re watching someone else play a videogame for 1 hour, 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

It turns out a huge chunk of that time is taken up by things like loading animations and cutscenes, and mundane interactions with NPCs. So redditor gabriel3374 took it upon himself  by cutting out all the boring stuff, bringing down the viewing time to a much more palatable 33 minutes and 33 seconds.

As per gabriel3374, here’s everything cut out from the speedrun:

  • every moon appearing and collecting animation,
  • every multi moon appearing and collecting animation,
  • door and pipe entering and exiting animation (but only the parts when the player is not in control or time freezes),
  • boss defeat animation (when fighting the dragon I also cut out the part in between hits because that takes unreasonably long IMO),
  • cut scene skipping by the player,
  • every gate opening or bridge appearing animation,
  • unskippable cut scenes (for example after collecting a multi moon and returning to the Oasis),
  • parts of the game, when the player just had to press A repeatedly (for example when talking to the musicians in metro kingdom or that guy on the bench or in the shops, although I left in the part when selecting the moon).

You can read more about his editing decisions in the original post here.

That leaves pretty much pure gameplay, and though you might miss the satisfaction of avictory animation after Mario collects a particularly tricky moon, or some of NicroVeda’s commentary, it makes for a more exciting runthrough. If you’ve ever wanted to watch speedruns but have been daunted by their length, this is as good a chance to start as any.

Via Polygon

Here is the Super Mario Odyssey Any% WR run by NicroVeda without any cut scenes on gabriel3374 [Reddit]

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