Meet Qubulus: location based work force support [Video interview] #TNW2011

Meet Qubulus: location based work force support [Video interview] #TNW2011

Last Friday at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Qubulus, a startup from Malmo, Sweden launched its solution to location-based work force support with its new endeavor, Iguana. (See our story from its launch here.)

Iguana is based on the company’s positioning platform, LocLizard, and is powered by its QPS™ positioning engine. Iguana offers tools that serve to support work managers and employees in their daily work, adding an aspect of efficiency to team collaboration that hasn’t been available before.

Qubulus was founded by Ants Maran and Frank Schull and is the only company to create software-only XY and Z (vertical) positioning with great accuracy, and the only company who can actually provide this to the customer for free by giving them the tools to create indoor positioning themselves.

Watch our interview from Amsterdam with the founder here:

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