Photojojo launches Parabo Press iOS app for stylish photo prints

Photojojo launches Parabo Press iOS app for stylish photo prints

Your iPhone and iPad may be stuffed to the gills with photos, but the challenge of finding a super creative way to showcase the ones you really like — aside from sharing them on social media or email — can become overwhelming.

Photojojo — an online photography gear shop, together with Zoomin, a photo printing service in Asia — may just have that figured out with the newly launched Parabo Press, a free photo printing app for iOS (soon for Android). It’s designed to give you unique custom prints directly from your Camera Roll.


The output from Parabo, which is inspired by small batch printing techniques, can transform your iPhone photos into human-sized black-and-white prints, screenprint-like risographs, high-quality photo books, small shape prints, accordion zines, engineer prints and more. Prices range from $20 to $60.

The Risograph print — your photo printed on a Xerox-style machine famous for its screenprint effect — has thus far been a rare commodity in the consumer market, but Parabo features Riso prints in neon pink, neon orange, teal and blue.


Parabo supplements its print service by selling reasonably priced display accessories, some of which were specifically designed for the service, for hanging prints on the wall.

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