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Gleb Kuznetsov

Gleb Kuznetsov is more than a designer—it takes an artist to make human and product interactions awe-inspiring. With over fifteen years experience, Gleb has elevated product design to an art, earning a stunning roster of world-class clients and one of the largest followings in the global design community. His signature style, inspired by the beauty of the natural world, is known for being exquisitely detailed and fluid, immersive, and full of life. Gleb brings us the future in a way that users can feel connected to. Since starting to code at the age of eleven, Gleb has aimed to create what doesn’t exist—to make the future a reality. His passion for creating is matched only by his endless desire to learn. No industry or category is out of bounds. No platform is off-limits. His work spans physical and digital product, mobile, web, augmented reality, and installations, as well as TV, home automation, and transportation ecosystems. From prototyping to CGI, Gleb brings an unmatched range of skill and artistry to each new project. His client list includes Airbus, SFMotors, Huawei, Apple, LG, Twitter, Mitsubishi, Daimler and many more. And Gleb’s work has been honored with numerous awards—including CES Innovation Awards for the last four years in a row. Gleb is the founder of Milkinside—the Mobile UX 2018 Boutique Agency of the Year.