Instagram finally realized Feed and Stories are part of the same app

Instagram finally realized Feed and Stories are part of the same app

Instagram today announced an update that allows users to share Feed posts to Stories, finally allowing crossover between its two primary picture galleries.

When you find something on your Feed of static, non-ephemeral Instagram posts which strikes your fancy, you can add it to your Story. To do so, tap the Share button and select “Create a story with this post.” The picture will look like a sticker over a customized background, and you can move or resize it at will.

The original poster’s name will always appear on the Story post, and will link to their Instagram page. Anyone who doesn’t want their posts to be available for Story use may opt out. We asked Instagram if users will be able to add posts from their own Feeds to their Stories, which isn’t completely clear, but that would seem logical.

Until now, Stories and the main Instagram Feed have existed as separate entities. Stories has gotten the lion’s share of attention, having ballooned to 300 million daily active users in a relatively short period of time. Other than publishing your work to both from the same account, your Feed and your Story wouldn’t have much to do with each other.

Now Instagram is finally bringing the two together, even if it is primarily a one-way street. Now you won’t have to go through the tedious process of taking a screenshot, then sharing it to your Story — if you want to share your friend’s cute puppy pic to your Story, you can do so without leaving the app and while giving your friend the proper credit.

Feed to Story rolls out today for Android users, and for iOS users “in the coming days.”

via Engadget

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