This app lets broke people workout at luxurious gyms whenever they want

This app lets broke people workout at luxurious gyms whenever they want

If you’re broke, you know that gym memberships are a problem. 46-percent of former gym members cite expenses as the number one reason why they stopped using their membership, and almost everyone is too busy to workout every day. If that sounds like you, POPiN could be the solution to your fitness needs.

According to CEO Dalton Han:

“We sought to create a platform that grants people complete control over their workout routine and fitness budget while giving gyms access to a new customer base. POPiN bridges the gap between commitment based facilities and health-minded individuals hesitant to be tied into contracts. It’s really a win-win.”

As a broke person, the app seemed too good to be true 一 so I had to check it out.

I decided to visit the most upscale gym available on the app: the Mercedes Club, an urban fitness oasis in Manhattan that costs members anywhere from $120-$250 a month. But with POPiN, a thirty-minute sweat session only costs $7.80.

Upon arrival, I instantly felt like an Instagram #fitfluencer.

For context, here’s what the gym looks like:

The Mercedes Club has an indoor basketball court, saunas, multiple pools, a juice bar, and then some. Not to mention, the “regulars” I came across were Broadway stars, micro influencers, and professional athletes. It almost felt as if I was ripping the gym off, but I was living for every second of the experience.

And because the first POPiN workout is free, I ended up staying for three hours ーmostly to take pictures and pretend I’m famous. Whoops?

As of right now, the app is only available in Manhattan, but the company does plan to expand.

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