AccuWeather’s new AccUcast service is like Waze for weather

AccuWeather’s new AccUcast service is like Waze for weather

We’ve all been there; you check your favorite weather app to see what’s going on outside, only to find the info was off when you leave home. A new feature in the AccuWeather iOS app called AccUcast lets users like you submit weather conditions to provide a real-time contextual view of your environment.

AccUcast is like Waze, only for weather. If it’s cloudy where you are, just report it via the AccuWeather app. Areas where rain, wind or snow are reported will have a small pin.


When you zoom out, the pins become a color-coded area on the map.

You don’t have to pigeonhole your reporting to weather, either. Conditions that may occur as a result of inclimate weather (like slippery roads or flooding) can also be reported.

While AccuWeather doesn’t say how long pins remain on-screen, it does sidle AccUcast with its MinuteCast service, which provides detailed precipitation forecasts for a given area over the course of two hours.

AccuWeather [iTunes]

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