Finish is a straightforward and effective iOS app for managing tasks with deadlines

Finish is a straightforward and effective iOS app for managing tasks with deadlines

If you’re anything like me and need alerts/alarms/notifications for keeping on track and getting things done, and you have an iPhone or iPad, then Finish is one to-do list app that is worth your consideration.

Available for $0.99, the app differentiates itself from TNW-favorite Clear [also $0.99], Any.DO [free], Wunderlist [free], Remember the Milk [free] and others in the crowded space, by grouping tasks based on their due dates.

Each task is categorized as short term (0-2 days), mid term (3-7 days) or long term (8+ days), though users can change the length of each if they wish.

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The tasks shift between the short, mid and long term brackets as time progresses. This approach helps give some shape and prioritization to your list, and that’s likely to help anyone who deals with deadlines and items that need attention ahead of time: for example students, freelancers or others.

The app has push notifications to keep you up to date on what is due. The list view shows one task from each band by default, but you can expand it to show each task in the category simply by tapping it or swiping down on it.

A task can be interacted with by swiping right, which brings up a quick menu to set it as completed, star it, share it to Twitter or Facebook, or change the settings. Those that are ‘Finished’ are stored in their own category which is accessed by pressing the logo at the top of the app screen.

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The process for adding new tasks is easy, but it’s a shame that there is no integration with other platforms — unlike many competing apps — which puts Finish at a slight disadvantage. That’s a bit of a downer if you’re a person that spends a lot of time on your Mac or PC, though those who spend most of their time on mobile are less likely to be fussed.

The app was first launched last month, but it just got a few licks of paint. The latest update includes a new (logical) option to start the week on Mondays, while it has gotten smoother gestures and a few aesthetic tweaks, such as the addition of shadows, improved flow and other graphical tweaks.

If you’re in the market for something different, or like the idea of the prioritization system, Finish is available for the iPhone (3GS upwards), iPad and iPod touch at the link below for $0.99.

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