Hate iOS 11? There’s no going back now

Hate iOS 11? There’s no going back now
Credit: Apple

After Apple drops a new version of iOS in our laps each year, it doesn’t take long to find tutorials popping up about how to roll back to a previous version for those that just can’t handle change. And Apple, for its part, is completely okay with this. Or, was completely okay with, anyway.

Apple today stopped signing iOS 10.3.3, its last non-iOS 11 update. For users, this means it’s now impossible to roll back the clock, at least using a legitimate version of iOS, signed by Apple.

For those that haven’t updated, and don’t intend to — like those with older Apple devices who aren’t sure how well they’d perform on the latest version of iOS — use caution. An accidental update at this point means you’re stuck with iOS 11, not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually a pretty great update.

We discussed some of its finer points here.

It’s too late to turn back if you’ve upgraded to iOS 11 on Cult of Mac

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