Apple rejects Samsung offer, continues litigation in Australia

Apple rejects Samsung offer, continues litigation in Australia

Apple has stood firm and rejected a settlement offer for its ongoing tablet-computer dispute with Samsung in Australia.

The South Korean electronics firm is reported to have approached Apple last week with a deal which would have seen its Galaxy 10.1 table granted release in the country, however Steven Burley, a lawyer with Cupertino-based company, claimed it was unacceptable:

“It is one we don’t accept and there is no surprise. The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch (of the Galaxy 10.1) and maintain the status quo.”

Apple continues to focus on the Australia case, which now centres around the Galaxy’s use touch-screen technology, with the aim of securing an important victory in its global pursuit of ligitation claims against the South Korean electronics firm.

In Germany a permanent injunction preventing the sale of the Galaxy was upheld last month, while ongoing legal cases are active in South Korea

Samsung has continued to reiterate its desire to strongly fight Apple and the verdicts returned against it in the courts, with reports in Korea even suggesting that it had considered using basic mobile telecom patents against Apple, with a view to obstructing the launch of the iPhone 5.

For now, Samsung must wait on developments before the future of its Galaxy 10.1 in Australia becomes any clearer.

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