Apple issues patent infringement suit against Samsung in South Korea

Apple issues patent infringement suit against Samsung in South Korea

Apple has stepped up its legal fight against rival smartphone manufacturer Samsung by filing a patent lawsuit in South Korea claiming that the electronics giant has infringed upon a number of its patents, Reuters reports.

The lawsuit follows action by the Cupertino-based company in the US, accusing Samsung of copying the design and packing of its iPhone and iPad devices. The Korean vendor replied by issuing patent suits of its own in South Korea, Japan and Germany, a reversal of Apple’s case by accusing the it of violating its patents in producing the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Court over alleged patent infringement of five patents, issuing a complaint over two patents in Tokyo, Japan and three violations in Mannheim, Germany.

Apple recently amended its complaint against the Korean electronics giant, increasing the ferocity of its copycat claims and asserting more patents against it. The amended complaint, full of fresh accusations, states that Samsung “has been even bolder” than its competitors in “blatantly [imitating] the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”.

It is likely that Apple will not succeed in its attempts to restrict the sales of infringing Samsung devices, which is why it may have pursued legal action in South Korea.

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