Not content with South Korea, Samsung may seek iPhone 5 ban in Europe

Not content with South Korea, Samsung may seek iPhone 5 ban in Europe

Samsung’s reported plans to stop Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 going on sale in South Korea could be extended to Europe, after a source close to the matter told the Maeil Business Newspaper that it may seek an injunction on the device, signalling its strong step in fighting back amidst allegations it had copied the design of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

With Apple already successful in its bid to have injunctions placed on Samsung devices in both Germany and Australia, the Korean smartphone vendor has continued to reiterate its desire to strongly fight Apple and the verdicts returned against it in the courts.

A report published by the Korea Times yesterday citied senior officials within the company stating that Samsung is determined to use its basic mobile telecom patents against Apple. It is confident that the Cupertino company has no way of sidestepping in its development the iPhone 5.

Whether Samsung would be able to delay the launch of the iPhone 5 remains another matter, especially considering the company does not yet know the official specification and designs of Apple’s next-generation smartphone. The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in the coming weeks, bringing an end to rumour and speculation over its feature-set and reported release date.

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