Today, YouTube announces the arrival of its new homepage

Today, YouTube announces the arrival of its new homepage

YouTube has just added a new feature that aims to bring users a richer browsing experience. Starting today, users have the choice to opt-in and try out the new experimental homepage.

The new homepage is all about improving the way users watch and browse videos and they’ve included new features to merge your subscriptions, friend activity and recommends, putting them all together in something called a “Combined List”.

YouTube is changing the way we normally view videos, as an example, users can now view an entire list of YouTube videos on a channel instead of the latest. So, if your favourite channel posts 3 videos a day, you’ll see all 3 using this new homepage.  It also has some time-saving tools to help you avoid watching the same video twice, the homepage now gray-out videos already watched without deleting.

Overall, some great choices by the YouTube gang. Want to give it a shot? Check out our how-to with more information about the new page and where to find it.

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