The Next Web Podcast – Episode 25: Can You Digg It?

The Next Web Podcast – Episode 25: Can You Digg It?

With all of the talk of the new version of Digg going on, we thought you’d like to hear the real story from the ones who know it best. We’re joined by a couple of Digg’s highest-ranking users and we’ll talk tech, websites, funding and much more.

There are a couple of not-so-nice words, but not many. However, we wanted you to know.

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On this week’s show: Brad McCarty (Nashville), Matt Brian (Essex), Alex Wilhelm (Chicago), Chad Catacchio (Los Angeles), Michael Backes (Hamburg) and a couple of guys from Digg, as well, Muhammad Saleem and Victor Barrera.

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In this week’s episode:

Everything Apple Announced Today In One Handy List

Facebook’s Not So Neutral Ad Policy

Then we’ll spend some time talking about the new Digg, what happened, what went wrong and what happens next.

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