The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: Facebook’s f8 Announcements, iPhone 4G Leak

The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: Facebook’s f8 Announcements, iPhone 4G Leak

Welcome to The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap. Make sure to check out this week’s podcast where we discuss the biggest stories of the week.

This week was all about Facebook’s move to redefine the web as we know it. At their f8 event, many things were announced including Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol, which seeks to bring your social graph with you no matter where you are on the web. Facebook also released new Community Pages but failed to announce a Geolocation product. This week also saw more details released over Gizmodo’s alleged acquisition of an iPhone 4G.

The Next Web Conference 2010

Stay tuned for an exciting week here The Next Web. If you didn’t grab your tickets or can’t make it to Amsterdam for our 2010 Conference you will be missing out. We have the parties lined up and an great group of speakers ready to go. We’ll be covering all the talks and announcements here this week.

Facebook’s f8 Announcements

The major news this week came out of Facebook’s f8 event which took place this past Wednesday in San Francisco. Ahead of the conference Facebook had a big announcement regarding their new Community Pages. Community Pages allow Facebook users to gather around subjects to share their knowledge and moderate the contents of the page.

sAt Wednesday’s event, Facebook added a couple additional major announcements. The first was a partnership with Microsoft to offer Facebook users the ability to collaborate with Microsoft Office documents. The major news was Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol (reaction, analysis and it’s possible threat to Google). The protocol is Facebook’s attempt to add itself as a layer on top of the entire web and bring your social graph to any website you visit (even if you have never visited previously). Check out our overview of this protocol as well as the other features that were announced.

What was announced was almost as big as what wasn’t. Many expected Facebook to announce its Geolocation product. The Geolocation space has been heating up for a while. This was especially true this week as rumors swirled regarding a Foursquare sale. While third party apps have stepped in to fill Facebook’s obvious hole, it should be only a matter of time before Facebook makes an announcement.

iPhone 4G

This past week was filled with conspiracy theories about Gizmodo’s acquisition of what is believed to be a prototype of a iPhone 4G. Was the iPhone lost or stolen? Did Gizmodo pay for the device? Facts remain uncertain but here is an overview of what we do know about the situation (and 6 things we still really want to know). As it turns out, this may not be the first time iPhone 4G pictures were released. Images found on Twitpic 2 months ago closely resemble those exposed by Gizmodo. Cashing in on the buzz from this incident was Lufthansa. In a genius marketing move they offered Grey Powel (the guy who lost the iPhone) a free flight Munich and some free beers when he got there.

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