Seesmic to buy

Seesmic to buy

ping_fmThere are rumors floating around that Seesmic is to make a move to purchase, and Robert Scobleizer has just raised the question on Twitter.

Seesmic, once a Twitter for Video, is run by web celeb Loic Le Meur who’s managed to swiftly position the company as a social sharing client for the web and desktop., funded by Linked-in CEO Reid Hoffman and Joi Ito, is an established sharing tool that allows you post updates and files to a scope of networks, something you can understand Seesmic would be interested in acquiring.

We’ve contacted both and Loic for comment and will update with more information as soon as we have it. One thing is for certain, anyone that’s been following Loic on Twitter will notice he’s started using for all his shares of late.

Update 1

Loic denis the story in a DM to me saying “This is wrong Zee” which either means it’s not true or the deal is not complete.

More to come if and when we receive more information.

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