Dell To Begin Selling Android Smartphones In Late November

Dell To Begin Selling Android Smartphones In Late November

dell-mini-3-versus-iphoneDell, the personal computer giant and direct sales innovator, will begin selling smartphones based on Android in late November. The phones will be carried by Claro and China Mobil, covering Latin America, and the Chinese nation.

We have yet to have word when, if ever, Dell plans on selling the phone in the United States.

The new Dell phone, called the “Mini 3,” (you can see it in the image), will be available for sale to some 542 million people through its two carriers at lauch, giving the phone a market large enough to even have a modest success mean sufficient volume.

The phone runs “OPhone,” China Mobil’s version of Android, which is quite a bit different from the Android flavors that we enjoy here in the United States.

In all honesty, Dell might pull this off. The phone does not offend the eyes, runs a current OS, and is being launched onto some of the largest carriers in the world. This is an excellent introductory circumstance for Dell to make its mark in the smartphone market.

Do you think that this is an appropriate or intelligent move on the part of Dell? Sound off in the comments.

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