New 27″ iMac’s Buggy Or Just Slow?

New 27″ iMac’s Buggy Or Just Slow?


The hype around the new 27″ iMac computers was exciting. The new computers have one of the best screens ever made for home use. But, just a few days into their existence, numerous user complaints of performance issues are coming to light.

Engadget is reporting that problems across Apple support forums include: slow flash video playback, forced hard drive spin down, bad permissions, and even corrupted Snow Leopard installs. Apple has yet to comment, at least for the moment.

If you tune your eye to a Twitter search on the topic, there is constant chatter about the bugs. Given the languages that being used to discuss the problems, this seems quite widespread indeed.

I bring this to TheNextWeb not to snark at the Mac users, but simply to pass along the information. If you are running one of the new 27″ iMacs (if you are, I envy your screen), you should take a look at these two forums to see if any of the potential problems you might be having, are related.

Apple should be rolling out a patch in short order, keep your eyes open and install it as quickly as you can.

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