Don’t buy a new MacBook, Apple TV or other Mac today!

Don’t buy a new MacBook, Apple TV or other Mac today!

Apple TVYesterday I went to the Apple store to buy an Apple TV. The first store I went to didn’t have them in stock so I biked over to another one. They had 1 in stock there so I said I wanted to buy it.

The guy behind the counter grabbed it, put on the counter in front of me and I reached for my wallet. Then the following conversation ensued:

Apple guy: “Are you sure you want it?”
Me: “yeah, I’m sure…”
Apple guy: “What kind of monitor are you going to attach it to?”
Me: “Oh, I have an Apple Monitor and an old tv”
Apple guy: “It doesn’t work on those so you shouldn’t buy this now”
Me: “It doesn’t? Oh, maybe I should just buy a Flatscreen. Have been wanting to do that anyway”
Apple guy: “Okay, so go and buy that first and then come back for the Apple TV later”
Me:  “yeah I could do that. Or I just buy the Apple TV now and find a matching TV?”
Apple guy: “No I wouldn’t do that. This Apple TV isn’t going anywhere. Come back when you have a TV”
Me: “But I’m ready to buy it now…”
Apple guy: “Nah, don’t do it. Come back when you have a tv. It makes sense…”

So I left, without an Apple TV. I didn’t give it much thought and simply assumed the guy was trying to give good support to his customers. Then today I read a post on Macrumors which put his behavior in a different perspective: “Rumors of New Apple Hardware Tomorrow Swirling“. A quote from the article:

MacRumors has similarly heard whispers over the past few days of new iMacs, MacBooks, and possibly Mac minis scheduled for release tomorrow, but we have been unable to confirm any of the reports.

So I guess if you were planning on buying a new Mac, Apple TV or basically any other Apple Hardware today I’d suggest you give it another 24 hours.

After all, that hardware isn’t going anywhere…

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