Google Docs gets Shared Folders, life gets a little easier

Google Docs gets Shared Folders, life gets a little easier

Google Docs Shared FoldersWhile Google Wave may turn out to be the collaborative working tool of the future, Google has quietly added a new feature to its Docs suite that reminds us that it’s perfectly possible to work together effectively without all that real-time futuristic goodness.

Shared Folders is a pretty self-explanatory feature. You can create a folder, dump a load of your Docs files into it and share it with others.

Why might this be useful? Imagine you’re working on a project with lots of other people. Keeping track of all the files and who they’re shared with used be tough but now they can all in the same folder on a project-by-project basis.

Google has an in-depth tutorial for the feature but you probably won’t need it – it’s just a neat feature that makes Docs all the more enjoyable to use in a collaborative setting.

With Microsoft’s browser-based version of Office on the horizon, these additions will help Google in the fight against the strength of the world’s favourite productivity software brand. Last week we reported on Cloudboard, an online clipboard that Google appears to be developing to allow easy sharing of data between its different services.

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