Doodle Source: for all things Google Doodle

Doodle Source: for all things Google Doodle

Yesterday we reported on Google’s weird 11th birthday Doodle which spelled Google as ‘Googlle’. The Google Doodles often inspire several blogposts all around the world. Not surprisingly as it is one of the most often looked at logos in the world and Google generally doesn’t explain a lot about their Doodles.

google_confuciusUsually you don’t find out about new Google Doodles until you visit Google or read about one on this blog. The Extraordinary Doodles used in different countries you might never see.

Today, September 28, marks the birthdate of Confusius which is being celebrated with a custom Google Doodle in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, China and many more countries around the world. But not (yet?) on

If you don’t want to miss out on all those, international AND local, Doodles you should head over to Doodle Source and sign up for their RSS feed. Doodle Source gathers all Google logos worldwide the second they are changed and keeps an archive where you can browse older Doodles. You can even sort them by country, title and/or date.

Doodle Source claims that they are faster than (currently down so they might have a point). They also have more information about the actual Doodle rather than the simple search query that Google gives.

Doodle Source launched late August so they are up-to-date from that moment. They are adding all older Doodles manually and working their way back to 1999.

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