New iPhone specs and prices leaked? They look believable. (Updated)

New iPhone specs and prices leaked? They look believable. (Updated)

With WWDC tomorrow, Apple rumours are all the rage, from these images however – this rumour seems a little more believable.

The shots come via FoneArena via reputable Italian site SpazioCullulaire who supposedly retrieved them from a Canada store inventory.

The images show:

  • The new iphones are called iPhone Video and iPhone Video iChat
  • There are all in all, 12 variants of the phone
  • 16 GB – 64 GB memory to be available
  • Its going to be available in various colors – White , Black, Orange , Green with Flower, Yellow , Red.
  • The 64GB version appears to cost $179 with an extra $20 for a case (which might explain the fluffy bunnies).




The above specs match the images posted on French site Nowhere Else, SlashGear and TechCrunch, which show the new iPhone to have a frontal camera – making iPhone Video iChat feasible.

These are of course just rumours and supposed leaks, you can of course make your own mind up.





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