Google Introduces two new Google Labs apps: ‘Similar Images’ and ‘News Timeline’

Google Introduces two new Google Labs apps: ‘Similar Images’ and ‘News Timeline’ ...

Google have just introduced two new ‘Google Labs’ apps to the public. The first, Similar Images which does exactly as it says on the tin, finds images similar to any image you’ve selected. Enter something you’re looking for then click ‘similar images’ under the image you’d like to find similar images for. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a way to upload images from your desktop – hopefully a ‘coming soon’ feature.


Here’s a video tour of similar images if you’re interested:

The second is Google News Timeline, an extension to Google News, where you can enter a search term and view results from Google News, magazines, wikipedia and multiple other sources neatly by on a interactive timeline. You can further customize sources by selecting exactly where you want to Google News Timeline to grab content from and where not to.

You can also navigate through time by dragging the timeline, setting the time scale to days, weeks, months, years, or decades, or just including a time period in your query (i.e., “1977”). This works particularly well for public figures.


As with most things Google, both new apps work impressively well.

It’s frightening the speed at which Google is able to release what appear to be minor releases, almost unrelated to search, yet seemingly destroy apps such as TinEye (who is still in beta) at their own game.

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