iPhone Apps Have Really Got a Hold Over Me.

iPhone Apps Have Really Got a Hold Over Me.

iphone_expensive-300x231I just purchased my 77th iPhone application, actually 65th because 12 are actually free, irrespective – I have that sick feeling you get when you’re walking away from a store knowing you’ve paid far too much.

I am both disappointed and slightly ashamed – with myself – not anyone else. I have only praise for the masterful Steve Jobs, the slickness of Apple and the wonderful creativity of the iPhone developers out there – you’ve all done a wonderful job.

I’ve pondered this, on some level looking for something/someone to blame and on another level looking for some reasoning behind the madness…I think i’ve narrowed it down.

It is these four key factors which I believe have lead to me spending well over $150 on iPhone applications in a matter of weeks:

1) Talented & Tireless iPhone Developers.
The functionality, creativity and design iPhone developers have included  in their apps has made buying & testing new iPhone apps a delight.

2) Gorgeous iPhone UI and development platform.
Although very new, everything I have read and heard has stated that the iPhone development platform is at least as good as other mobile development platforms out there. In addtion, with the standard iPhone design s

3) Ease of purchase. 
Apple have really done a number on us with this one. It’s an incredibly fast three click process to purchase an app: 1) Visit app page 2) Click to buy 3) Confirm without even leaving the app profile page. 

Plus, you are able to purchase directly from your iPhone with an equally fast and simple process.

4) No Trial Period.
Sure, developers are often kind enough to create a “light” version of their app but we are still forced to pay if we want to just try full featured versions of iPhone applications – frankly, that needs to change. 

It is these four factors which have lead to be rethinking every purchase I make from the app store no matter how small.  Whilst a $10 application was relatively rare a few months ago – now they are far more common, highlighting the gradual increase in App prices.

How many apps have you already bought? What is the most expensive app you have emptied your pockets for?

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